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Are you checking out different Las Vegas homes for sale with pools? If so, you might consider these five excellent candidates.

To see them, just scroll down to our list of Las Vegas Homes For Sale With Pools.

We’ve selected these homes based on our years of experience helping people buy and sell top-quality homes in the Las Vegas area.

We believe these choices represent what a majority of our clients are looking for.

However, if these listings don’t appeal to you, or if you’re not interested in looking at listings without the help of an experienced real estate agent, call us today at 702-310-6683.

We can help you find the perfect home for your needs.

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Las Vegas Homes For Sale With Pools List

1. Home With Sparkling Pool And Spa In Silverado Ranch

Home With Sparkling Pool And Spa In Silverado Ranch

Located at 9048 Dolomite Court, Las Vegas, NV 89123, this $565K single family detached home has a sparkling pool and spa that are just perfect for a hot summer’s day.

While the pool and spa are certainly this home’s winning features, they are not the only things it has to offer.

As a three bedroom, three bathroom house with a big family room, this place is perfect for five to six people. It has a three car garage…and it has RV parking.

Families that want to live in a great area, have plenty of parking space, and enjoy a medium-sized pool will be drawn to this property.

Nearby schools are Aggie Roberts Elementary School, Jack L. Schofield Middle School, and Silverado High School.

Note: To see pictures of the property and the interior of the home, click on the home link above.

2. Single Story Home With A Pool In Los Prados

Single Story Home With A Pool In Los Prados

Located at 5100 Burr Oak Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130, this $499K single family detached home has a fantastic pool and a gorgeous backyard patio.

From the backyard, there is an unobstructed view of the Los Prados Golf Course, lush landscapes, and trees, making it the perfect place to hang out and relax.

As you might have guessed, this home is located within the Los Prados Golf Course community, which is guard-gated.

The local environment is very comfortable and offers a number of activities.

The local clubhouse has a restaurant, bar, tennis ball courts, and more.

This is a three bedroom, two bathroom home, making it a good choice for a family of four. 

Nearby schools include Ernest May Elementary School, Theron L. Swainston Middle School, and Shadow Ridge High School.

This home is not age restricted. 

3. Small Family Home With A Sizable Pool In Rancho

Small Family Home With A Sizable Pool In Rancho

Located at 6812 Rio Sands Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89130, this $410K single family detached home is on the smaller side (only 1,272 square feet), so it’s ideal for a small family looking to put down roots in the northwest Las Vegas area.

The pool here is fairly large compared to the house (you can see pictures of the pool at the link above) and is located next to a fully covered patio.

It’s a convenient set up for those who want to escape the summer heat.

This home has an open floor plan and comes with laminate wood, tile flooring, and new carpet.

Nearby schools include Ernest May Elementary School, Theron L. Swainston Middle School, and Shadow Ridge High School.

4. Nice East Las Vegas Pool and House

Nice East Las Vegas Pool and House

Located at 3144 Desmond Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121, this $489K single family detached home has an inground private pool that is large enough to accommodate several people.

While the pool is highly desirable, the reason we love this home is because of its warm atmosphere and super cozy design.

The living room is beautifully laid out. There is also an appealing, sunken formal dining room, an open formal dining room, a cute kitchen, and much more.

Nearby schools are Lewis E Rowe Elementary School, C. W. Woodbury Middle School, and Del Sol High School.

5. High Country Estates Home With A Big Backyard And Swimming Pool

High Country Estates Home With A Big Backyard And Swimming Pool

Located at 6228 Minerva Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130, this $525K single family detached home has a stunning backyard with a recently updated pool, tall privacy fences, and a pergola.

This home has a brilliant open floor plan, epic vaulted ceilings, and a scrumptious guest bath. It also has a great kitchen with quartz countertops, several cabinets for storage, and stainless steel appliances.

This home has been remodeled, so it offers a lot of perks.

Nearby schools are Ernest May Elementary School, Theron L. Swainston Middle School, and Cheyenne High School.

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Not what you had in mind?

We have other options available! To see all of our Las Vegas homes with pools, go to our Home Search page.

Further Reading: Tips For Finding Vegas Pool Homes For Sale

We know that finding a new home with a pool can be challenging. The good news is that there are certain common sense tips that you can follow to aid your search.

The Advantages of Having A Pool In Your Home


Having A Pool In Your Las Vegas Home Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Las Vegas is known for its hot weather and bright lights, but a lot of people in the city also have pools…and for a very good reason. Having a pool in your home can improve your quality of life by providing you a place to cool down.

In addition, having a pool in your home creates the perfect social setting for you, your friends, and family to enjoy.

Swimming Is A Great Workout and Can Be Enjoyed By Most

Swimming is a great workout and is something many people can do. It’s a low-impact exercise, which makes it ideal for people who are looking to exercise while keeping their risk of injury low.

If swimming isn’t your thing, water aerobics can be just as effective.

We’d also like to point out that pools provide a great outlet for kids, and with the right supervision, provide a safe place for kids to play and expend their excess energy.

Watching your kids in the pool might be a lot easier than worrying about vehicles and other hazards in the neighborhood.

Pool Parties Are A Fun Way To Spend A Summer’s Day

Pool parties are a great way to spend a summer’s day. If you have a pool, you don’t have to drive to a crowded pool facility to cool off and relax. Instead, you can relax in the comfort of your backyard, perhaps with a book or a cold drink in hand while you sit poolside.

A Pool Can Add Value To Your Property

Having a home with a pool both increases your property value and makes it more appealing to potential buyers. After all, pools are a big draw in Las Vegas due to the heat.

While pools do require some upkeep, you’ll find that many buyers covet them and will show particular interest in your home if you ever plan on selling.

The Disadvantages of Having A Pool In Your Home

  • There are a number of maintenance costs associated with having a pool.
  • A pool can be a safety hazard if not properly maintained.
  • A pool can be an eyesore.
  • A pool can also take up a lot of space, so it might not be the best idea if you’re limited on space.

Should You Buy A Las Vegas Home With A Pool or Not?

Considering the advantages and the disadvantages of having a pool, the question becomes, should you buy a home in Las Vegas that has one?

Our answer is: Yes, but only if you’re looking to invest the time and energy needed to maintain it. If you are, you’ll find that having a pool is quite beneficial, especially in how it adds value to your home.

Things To Remember When Looking At Las Vegas Homes For Sale With a Pool


Check The Condition of The Pool

Before buying a house, knowing what condition the pool is in is very important.

Even if you’re familiar with pools, we strongly recommend that you hire a certified pool inspector to check its condition rather than inspect it yourself.

A pool might look fine on the surface, but it can still have structural issues that are completely invisible…until they start causing major problems. A faulty foundation, for instance, can be very costly to fix and might not be easy to detect!

If your pool is found to be in good condition, then it won’t be too difficult to maintain moving forward. Many people have the idea that pool maintenance is overly difficult.

While it’s certainly true that maintaining a pool is an investment, new technologies make it easier than ever to do. Modern pools require less cleaning, chemicals, and repairs than their older counterparts.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to handle the responsibilities of a pool, talk to a pool specialist. They’ll give you a list of regular maintenance routines that you’ll need to follow to keep your pool in optimal shape.

Ensure That The Pool Has Safety Features

Before buying a home, you should make sure that the pool is safe. Fortunately, the pool inspector will be able to tell you if your pool presents a safety risk.

After your pool’s safety conditions have been assessed, you can then decide if you want to add features such as alarms, nightlights, or a pool cover.

Factor In Your Pool Ownership Costs

Pools are expensive, and ongoing maintenance costs can be significant.

To avoid straining your budget, the best thing you can do is get a very clear idea of what your monthly costs will be before committing to a purchase.

For more information on how much your pool is going to cost you per month, call us at 702-310-6683. We’ll provide you with an estimated amount based on current trends in Nevada.

Remember Your Time Expense

Aside from the monthly dollar cost of maintaining a pool, there is also the time expense.

To keep your pool in good condition, you’ll need to:

Vacuum the pool, run the filter, check the water and pH levels, check the chlorine (or salt) levels, skim the pool, clean the skimmer, brush the walls, backwash the filter, and clean the pump filter.

Some of these chores need to be performed daily, others less often.

To find out what maintenance routines you should perform (and when), you’ll need to consult the pool manual or speak with a certified pool service technician in your local area.

Factor In Insurance and Utilities

Don’t forget about insurance and utility bills. These are expenses you’ll have to consider.

The reality is that pools make home insurance more expensive, anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars more per month.

And utilities aren’t cheap either. They add their own separate expense.

Pinpoint Your Objectives

Do you want to use your pool for exercise? Are you looking for a place to relax? Is it for kids?

Whatever the answer is, the last thing you want to do is make an impulse buy and then end up regretting your decision because the pool is not getting used.

This issue can be avoided so long as you make an informed decision and get a pool that is perfect for your needs.

Be Open-Minded

There are many different types of pools available today. These include above-ground, indoor, pools with vinyl liners or fiberglass shells—the list goes on.

If you don’t have a specific reason for getting a pool other than that you would enjoy it, there are a ton of options available.

Most of our clients prefer permanent outdoor pools in the following categories.

Family or recreational swimming pool: Usually rectangular in shape and good for casual swimming and playing water-based sports.

Lap pool: A long, narrow pool built specifically for swimming laps.

Plunge pool: A small pool that is used for cooling off but is also deep enough for full-body immersion.

Saltwater pool: A pool that uses a saltwater chlorinator.

Natural pool or swimming pond: A pool that is lined with rubber material or reinforced polyethylene and is designed to look like it belongs in nature.

Mini pool: A tiny pool that typically doubles as a spa, complete with hot water and spray jets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Worth It To Buy A Las Vegas Home With A Pool?

We certainly think so, although whether getting a pool is right for you comes down to how much you want to invest in one, either for your own enjoyment or to increase your home’s equity.

One bonus that may swing you in the direction of getting a home with a pool is the luxury of being able to cool down in hot weather in your own backyard.

2. Will My Pool Freeze During The Winter Months?

On rare occasions, yes, it’s possible.

Pools can freeze in Las Vegas during the winter months because the temperature sometimes drops below freezing at night. However, only the surface of the pool will freeze. It won’t freeze all the way down.

With that said, you’ll still want to take precautions. Many families take steps to prevent their pools from freezing during the winter.

One option is to install an ice dam prevention heater. These heaters work by melting the ice on top of the water so that it doesn’t form layers that could freeze.

Another option is to install a pool cover. Covers make it harder for the wind to blow through the pool and create snow banks on top of it, which would then freeze.

A third option would be to install a full heating system for your pool, so that you can enjoy it with your friends and family even in the winter months.

3. Can I Legally Convert My Las Vegas Pool Into A Pond?

This might sound like a funny question, but it’s been asked before.

The legal question is difficult to answer. If you are considering converting your Las Vegas backyard pool into a fish pond, the answer is that, while it’s certainly possible to do, you’d need to get permission from the city and your HOA before moving forward.

You’d also need to obtain permits before modifying or adding structures to the pond, not to mention wade through certain restrictions regarding what animals you are allowed to introduce, such as alligators, giant toads, clawed frogs, etc.

Converting a pool into a pond in a Las Vegas home would be tricky and perhaps too difficult to pursue given all the red tape you’d have to cut through. At least in the city. Other areas in Nevada might work better.

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