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Get The Most Out Of Selling Your Home!

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Starting off, we evaluate your home, which is entirely free! All we need is your home address and phone number, and we will do some research to find its approximate value and let you know how much you would net if you sold it today.

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What Not To Fix When Selling a House

When selling a house, many homeowners make repairs in order to increase the home’s value. However, not all repairs are worth the investment. In some cases, it is actually more beneficial to leave certain issues alone. Why? Well, by fixing the wrong things, you could end up decreasing the value of your house or taking longer to sell it.

Keep reading to find out what things you should not fix when selling your house.

What Shouldn’t You Fix When Selling a House?

what not to fix when selling a house - Don't Fix Removable Items

When selling your home, don’t bother trying to fix removable items such as tables, curtains, and blinds. You likely don’t know the buyer’s taste, and if the buyer insists, you can offer to buy a new one at closing. This will save you time and money, and it could even help you get your home sold faster.

The reason? Most potential buyers will want to take a look at those items and make their own decisions about whether they need to be replaced or not. Even if you’ve already replaced them, they may not be interested in what color or design you picked out. As such, it’s best to just let the buyer decide what they want and don’t worry about it.

However, it is an important thing to make sure these items are clean. This means cleaning, washing, or scrubbing all removable items. You should also make sure all of the items are organized and that there aren’t any stains or unsightly messes that may repel a potential buyer.

Don’t Replace Old Appliances That Still Work

Your home’s appliances are one of its key selling points, and if they are old and outdated, you may think that potential buyers may be turned off.

However, if your appliances still work well and are in good condition, there’s no need to upgrade them just to sell your house. Doing so could end up costing you more money than is worth spending.

You might be asking, why don’t you need to replace old appliances? Well, many clients are amazed at the vintage items in a home and are willing to pay more for them. Instead of upgrading these items, keep them in good condition and let your potential buyers know that you’ve taken care of them. You’d be surprised how many people respond positively when they hear this.

Many potential buyers will be amazed at how well your vintage items work and will be impressed by a homeowner’s ability to manage and maintain such things. This will show that you’re a responsible homeowner.

Ultimately, upgrading old appliances may make your home look nicer, but it could also cost you the sale. Just brush up what you already have. Rather than aiming for perfection, focus on demonstrating ability.

Don’t Remove Room Partitions or Make Changes to Room Upgrades You Made in the Past

When you are selling your home, it is important to make sure that you do not make any changes to the rooms that you have upgraded in the past. This includes removing room partitions or making changes to the way that a room is currently set up.

You may think that these changes will help to make your home look better and more appealing to buyers, but in reality, such changes can actually have the opposite effect.

Removing room partitions or making changes to already upgraded/customized rooms can make your home look like it needs more work than it does, which can turn buyers off. Additionally, these changes can also be costly and time-consuming, so they are not worth making when you are trying to sell your home.

Instead, focus on keeping everything as is and let your potential buyers see what they could do with the space if they were to purchase your home.

If a potential buyer can walk through the house and imagine living there, they are more likely to make an offer. Making changes to the room partitions or upgrades could disrupt this vision and cause them to lose interest in the property.

Don’t Make Any Major Renovations

Most people think that in order to sell their house, they need to make some major renovations. However, this is not always the case. In fact, making major renovations when trying to sell your house can actually backfire.

One reason for this is that it can be tough to accurately estimate how much a renovation will cost. You may think that a renovation will only cost a few thousand dollars, but in reality, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars. This could end up putting you in a financial bind and cause you to lose money on your home sale.

Another reason why making renovations when trying to sell your house can backfire is that buyers often have a hard time picturing themselves in a home that’s been heavily altered. Big changes can make a buyer say to themselves, “something must be wrong here.”

Oddly enough, as a result, major renovations may make a buyer lose confidence in the property, and they may, because of this, not close the sale. Major renovations are often seen as an attempt to cover up even larger problems and could cost you the sale.

Of course, there are some exceptions: if your kitchen or bathroom is really outdated, it might pay off to do a renovation. But as we just mentioned, it’s best to keep things simple and avoid making massive changes. In many cases, a simple paint job or new flooring is all that is needed to give your home a fresh look.

Don’t Fix Driveway Cracks

There is a reason driveways have cracks in them. It’s because they expand and contract with the weather. So when you try to sell your house, it is not expected that a potential buyer will be turned off by something so commonplace.

In most cases, potential buyers will not even notice cracks in the driveway and if they do, it’s rarely a dealbreaker in our experience.

Fixing cracks in a driveway by patching them with concrete can actually make your home look worse. So, don’t do it unless if you intend to change the whole driveway, which of course is both expensive and unnecessary and will leave your potential buyers wondering if there is a bigger underlying problem.

Instead of fixing those cracks, focus on making your home look clean and fresh from the outside. Trim the lawn, plant some flowers, and make sure the paint is new. These are all things that will make a buyer fall in love with your house, no matter how many cracks are in the driveway.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, however. If the cracks are very large or if they are causing water to seep into your home, then you may need to fix them.

Other Things To Remember When Trying To Fix and Sell Your House

Don’t Paint in Flashy Colors

When it comes time to sell your house, you may be tempted to brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint.

While a new color can give your home an updated look, it’s important not to go too flashy.

Picking light or neutral colors is generally the best way to go when trying to sell your house. Bright yellows, oranges, and reds can turn potential buyers off, making them think that the home is tacky.

If you’re looking for ways to make your house more appealing to buyers, stick with muted shades and classic colors like greens and blues.

Don’t Settle for Half Fixes, Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

One of the most common mistakes is trying to do half repairs. For example, painting over wallpaper instead of removing it or patching up holes without repairing the underlying damage.

Not only does this look sloppy, but potential buyers will wonder what else you haven’t bothered to take care of. Remember, half fixes are a bad look.

Also, regarding repairs: It’s better not to start than to start and not complete them. Plus, potential buyers will be turned off by a house that looks like it’s in the middle of being fixed up.

Other Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Putting Your House on the Market

Now that you know what you don’t have to fix when selling your home, it’s also important to know the five costly mistakes that you should avoid when putting your house on the market.

They are as follows:

  • (1) Pricing your home too high. Overpricing a home will lead to more days on the market and potentially a lower final sale price.
  • (2) Neglecting absolutely necessary repairs. Neglecting repairs that are absolutely necessary may end up costing you, the seller, in the long run. You may get offers that are far less than what is preferrable.
  • (3) Not staging the home. Staging a home can make it more appealing to buyers and result in a quicker sale.
  • (4) Not cleaning properly. Cleaning your home thoroughly is one of the most important things you can do to increase your chance of making a sale.
  • (5) Not removing personal items. Removing personal items from your home during a showing can make it feel more like a potential buyer’s home and often helps in closing a sale.


In conclusion, while there are definitely some things you should fix when selling a house, there are also some things you should avoid fixing. Likewise, there are additional things you should avoid doing to increase your chances of making a sale.

By following these tips, you’ll increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly and for the best price possible.

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