Fix My Home

Get The Most Out Of Selling Your Home!

One way we stand out from other realtors is that we fix houses!

We help you remodel and flip your house to increase its selling price.

In fact, we have already helped some of our clients make $100,000 more than they originally anticipated.

Not only do we fix your home, but we also help you find excellent landscaping services, reliable and skilled inspectors, and advise you on honest and highly skilled contractors.

We Offer A Free Analysis Of Your Home

Starting off, we evaluate your home, which is entirely free! All we need is your home address and phone number, and we will do some research to find its approximate value and let you know how much you would net if you sold it today.

#1 Real Estate Brand Gets You More Money

Not only do we leverage our name on your behalf, but we also work with advertising experts, using technology and industry know-how as a means of maximizing your home’s online presence. In addition, we make sure to target your demographic, offering ongoing, proactive customer support the entire time.

We Offer A Cash Advance Advantage

For those needing assistance, we offer a cash advantage to use on anything from paying off debt, deposit on a new home, closing fees, relocation, vacation, whatever. In fact, we may be the only realtor to offer cash upfront to our sellers to use however they need. For those who want to sell fast, we buy homes for cash within 24 hours.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak with us, you can call us at (702) 310-6683, contact us through our contact form, or you can visit our Home page for more information.