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Top 3 Las Vegas Celebrity Mansions

1. Wayne Newton “Mr. Las Vegas” – Casa de Shenandoah in Paradise, NV

*Note: Casa de Shenandoah has since been sold.

Size: 57,056 square feet (this does not include additional structures), with 39.6 acres of property.

Casa de Shenandoah is perhaps the best-known mansion in Nevada. It’s truly a sight to see. While the property comprises more than just the main house (it includes a car museum, stables, a private airport terminal, and a gorgeous tree-lined property with ponds and a swimming pool), today we’re focusing only on the main house.

Multiple Rooms Loaded with Detail

Built in 1979, this mansion has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a hidden office, and various other spaces and odds and ends. Walking up to the doors, you know you’re in for something special as you’re greeted with an ornate gold-plated entrance.

Immediately inside the mansion is a gorgeous foyer with curving double staircases that lead up to the second floor. Columns with gold capitals embellish the design in the way you’d expect in a multi-million dollar Las Vegas celebrity home.

Expansive Vaulted Ceilings

Some but not all of the rooms in Casa de Shenandoah have expansive vaulted ceilings, including the living room, which is located just beyond the foyer. The living room features a fireplace, overhead chandelier, and large windows that run from the floor to near the ceiling. Blue curtains drape the windows in a stylistic fashion.

Cozy Dining Room

There are multiple rooms throughout the mansion at Casa de Shenandoah that serve different purposes, such as an awards room, entertainment room, memorabilia room, secret office, and a wine cellar. But one of the home’s best rooms is its dining room, which is surprisingly cozy and small.

It offers a welcome change from the home’s larger-than-life elements and has a distinct southern-style charm that makes it perfect for socializing.

What Community is Casa de Shenandoah Located In Las Vegas?

Paradise, NV, unincorporated town.

How Much Did Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Home Cost?

The mansion on its own cost $4 million in the late 70s. Factoring inflation, today, this would be roughly equivalent to $19.5 million.

Due to market factors, the last time Casa de Shenandoah was on the market, it was listed for $28.5 million.

Casa de Shenandoah Las Vegas Home Features List

Some standout features of this property include:

  • 7 bedrooms (Master bedroom has its own fireplace)
  • 7 bathrooms (features include marble shower & hot tubs)
  • Grand foyer
  • Dining room (with its own fireplace)
  • Southern-style kitchen
  • Walk-in refrigerator
  • Dual grand staircases
  • Elevator
  • Decorative columns
  • Tall arched windows
  • Multiple fireplaces
  • Multiple chandeliers
  • Hidden room/office
  • Wine cellar
  • Natural/lagoon-style pool
  • Balustrades

2. David Copperfield’s Home – Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Size: 31,000 square feet.

As the most expensive home in Las Vegas, David Copperfield’s mansion is impressive, to say the least. It’s a 4-story behemoth that resides on Enclave Ct, the ultra-luxurious getaway next to TPC Summerlin. This is where some of the wealthiest Las Vegas residents live.

Immaculate Kitchen

David Copperfield’s mansion has a lot of impressive features, but one of the standout features is its custom kitchen, which has luxury pendant lights, high-end and stainless steel appliances, a custom breakfast bar with plenty of seating space, cushioned chairs, and much more.

While kitchens aren’t necessarily where you normally want to linger for extra long periods of time, David Copperfield’s kitchen takes the cake for comfort and atmosphere and seems like the perfect place to enjoy a nice long meal and a conversation.

Beautiful Movie Theater

The entertainment value and ambiance of this home are miles above the standard. For example, the in-home movie theater delivers an exceptional viewing experience with a large-screen TV, 9 leather recliners, decorative wall elements, red curtains, and covered lighting.

Breathtaking Infinity Pool

Whether you want to swim or just enjoy the setting, the palm tree-lined infinity pool is absolutely phenomenal. The grand covered veranda provides a place to sit in the shade, while plush poolside seating allows you to soak up the sun surrounded by palm trees.

What Community Does David Copperfield Live In Las Vegas?

The Enclave, TPC Summerlin.

How Much Did David Copperfield’s Las Vegas Home Cost?

David Copperfield bought his Enclave Court mansion for $17.55 million in 2016. Today, its estimated market value is $20 million.

David Copperfield Las Vegas Home Features List

Some standout features of this property include:

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • Grand foyer
  • Giant stacked stone columns
  • Luxury living room
  • Two commercial elevators
  • Vaulted ceiling with rustic wooden paneling
  • Custom gourmet kitchen
  • Zen garden
  • Infinity pool
  • Multiple fireplaces
  • Hardwood floors
  • Multi-car garage
  • In-home gym
  • Office
  • Wine cellar
  • Full-service spa
  • Nightclub
  • Antique arcade exhibit rooms
  • Movie theater with 9 seats

3. Criss Angel’s Estate, Serenity – Henderson, NV

Size: 22,000 square feet.

Although Criss Angel’s estate is located in Henderson, NV, we wanted to add it to this list because it’s one of the most atmospheric and stylish homes in the greater Las Vegas area.

If you appreciate homes with an Old European artistic flair, this is the one you’ll want to take inspiration from.

Cozy and Artistic Formal Living Room

Even though Criss Angel’s mansion covers an impressive 22,000 square feet, the formal living room is surprisingly cozy. Overseeing the living room is a cross from a 1930s church in Spain and handcrafted stained glass windows. A large fireplace completes the ambiance.

Phenomenal Backyard with a View

Criss Angel’s home has an exceptional backyard, thanks to a giant backyard patio, a custom pool (with a firepit), and an expansive miles-long view from Anthem in Henderson all the way to the Las Vegas Strip. This is a multi-million dollar view, especially at night when the Strip lights up.

Nearby Golf Course

In addition to upscale amenities, Criss Angel’s residence in Anthem is very close to Anthem Country Club.

What Neighborhood Does Criss Angel Live In Las Vegas?

Criss Angel lives outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, NV. His home is in the Anthem master-planned community near Anthem Country Club.

How Much Did Criss Angel’s Home Cost?

The home was purportedly purchased for $8.75 million.

Criss Angel Home Features List

Some standout features of this property include:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 9 baths
  • Gated entrance
  • Grand portico
  • Arched wrought iron and glass front door
  • Formal living room (with fireplace)
  • Formal dining room
  • Family room (with fireplace)
  • Luxury kitchen
  • Large office
  • Curving staircase
  • Five stained glass windows
  • Giant backyard patio
  • Backyard pool (with a firepit in the center)
  • Large in-home movie theater (seating for about 11)
  • Elevated view of the Las Vegas Strip
  • Multiple art pieces and areas for memorabilia
  • Large extended driveway able to fit multiple vehicles

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