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How Much Do Luxury Homes in Las Vegas Cost?

Luxury homes in Las Vegas range in price from $1MM to $25MM.

The city has quite a number of homes in the $1MM range, but there are only a handful of neighborhoods where home prices reach $20MM+.

To learn more about the city’s luxury communities, check out our million dollar communities list.

Where Are Luxury Homes Located In Las Vegas?

Our million dollar list has more information about where you can find luxury homes in Las Vegas, but to summarize, most of the luxury communities in Las Vegas are either:

1. On the western side of Summerlin near Red Rock Canyon.

2. On the edge of Henderson near the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Henderson Luxury Communities Highlighted

Communities in Henderson near the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and North McCullough Wilderness include:

MacDonald Highlands, which has some very expensive mansions, as much as $22MM, with 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

MacDonald Ranch. This is another wealthy community with some homes running as high as $20MM.

Sunridge Heights. Homes here cost as much as $7MM.

Anthem Country Club Community. Home prices in Anthem Country Club run as high as $11MM.

Seven Hills. Homes in Seven Hills aren’t quite as expensive as those in MacDonald Highlands to the northeast and Anthem Country Club to the southeast, but prices still reach upward of $6.5MM.

Enterprise Las Vegas

$1MM+ homes can be found in Southern Highlands, which is located in the southern part of Enterprise. These homes surround the Southern Highlands Golf Club.

Lake Las Vegas

There are a number of $1MM+ properties in Lake Las Vegas, which is located in the northeastern part of Henderson.


While there are a few scatterings of $1MM+ homes in the Centennial Hills area, as well as Iron Mountain Ranch, there aren’t many $1MM+ properties in North Las Vegas.

Luxury homes in Las Vegas are typically located in areas that offer a mixture of privacy and quick access to amenities, such as the western part of Summerlin or the areas of Henderson near the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Downtown Las Vegas also has some $1MM+ properties, as does Lake Las Vegas.

How Many Square Feet Is A Mansion?

A home qualifies as a mansion when it is 5,000 square feet or larger. However, not all mansions meet the standard of being an estate. To qualify as an estate, a mansion must occupy a substantial amount of land, the standard being 5 acres or more.

What Type of Features Do Luxury Homes Come With?

Estates in Las Vegas come with multiple perks, such as guest houses, pools with a pool house, basketball courts, theater rooms, and so on.

Meanwhile, luxury home features may include marble countertops, open glass walls, a walk-in pantry, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood flooring.

Smart appliances are also par for the course in today’s luxury homes. Smart refrigerators, thermostats that auto-adjust temperatures, motion sensor lighting—these are but a few examples.

Fitness Rooms In A Luxury Home

Fitness rooms are another common feature of luxury homes today, which is certainly appealing to modern Millennials.

Some luxury home builders go beyond the typical fitness space by adding lockers, a shower in the fitness room, mounted TV, an area for weights, and more.

Bathrooms In A Luxury Home

Las Vegas homes have some amazing luxury bathrooms, some of which come with Jacuzzis, massage rooms, and steam rooms.

The top luxury mansions in the city are built by builders like Blue Heron and really go the extra mile to impress.

Home Exterior

Outside the home, board and batten siding can help insulate the structure and protect it from weather damage. This choice is less common in Las Vegas, but it’s an interesting one all the same.

Terracotta roofs are also a common feature of luxury homes.

What Type of Materials Do Luxury Homes Use?

Material usage varies depending on the style of the home.


Stucco is made from a mixture of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water and can be molded and shaped into different textures and forms to create a decorative finish.

Portland cement is a strong binding ingredient that offers strength and durability and makes stucco more resistant to pests and fires compared to wood.

Lots of luxury builders choose to finish their properties with stucco.

Cosmetically, stucco has a textured look, and it is versatile and can be adapted to a variety of home styles.

One advantage of stucco is that it can be painted over, and it comes in different colors of beige, brown, and off-white.

Stucco doesn’t need frequent re-paintings, re-sealings, etc. There are, of course, times when stucco needs to be repaired, but the maintenance requirements are arguably less than what you face with a wood exterior. Stucco siding can last as long as 80 years.

The downside of stucco is that it can crack, which occurs more frequently when the mixture your home builder uses isn’t up to standard. Not all mixtures have the same quality.


While not as popular as they once were, bricks are still used in some luxury homes—partially because they retain their value better than homes with wood siding.

By and large, bricks are more durable than wood and need less maintenance. They also hold heat well and help maintain a home’s internal temperature.

Other benefits of brick are (1) they are eco-friendly, (2) they are fairly resistant to mold and rot, (3) they are more fire and weather resistant, and (4) they are effective at blocking noise, which is a big plus if you live next to neighbors.


Redwood is used in some of the most beautiful homes in the world, not just for its considerable beauty but also because of its resistance to fire, rot, pests, and wear. It’s frequently used for decks, flooring, and ceilings.

Although seen less frequently in Las Vegas, redwood is commonly used in luxury homes across the country, especially in rustic settings. If you’ve ever been inside a rustic home with redwood flooring, then you’ve probably noticed its undeniable charm.

Wood has a natural beauty and warmth to it that enhances the look and feel of a home. Wood is also a natural insulator and performs adequately to keep temperatures stable.

When properly treated and maintained, wood can last for many years, making it a solid choice for construction.

Compared to other building materials, such as brick or stone, wood is relatively affordable, although redwood is a bit pricier.

Wood is easy to work with, making it a popular choice for custom-built homes and other structures. It is also lightweight and easy to transport and handle during construction.


Steel is a popular material used in luxury home construction due to its strength, durability, and versatility. A common choice for luxury homes today, it is certainly one that complements the modern home style well.

Exterior features such as railings are seen in modern homes quite regularly. Steel support beams are also a design feature in modern luxury homes.

Although steel’s use in residential properties may sound somewhat novel, steel applications have their uses for builders.

Steel is used for a few reasons, one of which is its strength, which makes it ideal for use in luxury homes that require a high level of structural support and stability.

Steel framing can also be used to meet common architectural challenges, such as building vaulted ceilings.

Additionally, steel is resistant to damage from weather, pests, and fire. The fact that steel has a high fire resistance rating is yet another incentive for builders to use it.

Steel is low maintenance, as it does not rot, warp, or crack like other building materials.

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