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Celebrity Homes In Las Vegas: Where Do They Live?

Celebrity homes in Las Vegas are the epitome of luxury and architectural design, which is no surprise. For decades, Las Vegas has long hosted some of the best home builders on the market, who cater to the rich and famous.

Given how big the Las Vegas area is, you’re probably wondering where these A-listers hang their hats. Keep reading to find out and dive into the intriguing Las Vegas celebrity real estate scene.

Top 3 Vegas Celebrity Homes

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Queensridge

Size: 22,000 square feet.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. resides in a huge luxury home in Las Vegas that truly reflects his opulent tastes.

Often referred to as “The Big Boy Mansion,” Mayweather’s palatial abode has numerous amenities, which we’ve listed in the “home features list” below.

From the moment one sees Mayweather’s sanctuary, it becomes clear that no expense was spared in its creation. The porte cochère (covered entrance), adorned with a lavish chandelier, sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Lots of Room to Socialize

The property features 24-foot vaulted ceilings, multiple living areas, a gourmet kitchen, and a stunning master suite that offers the ultimate retreat for the boxing icon.

The extravagant amenities don’t stop there, as Mayweather’s mansion also includes an outdoor pool with a pool house, sauna, a private movie theater, and more.

Big Boy Mansion Custom Features

Throughout the mansion, Mayweather’s penchant for bespoke touches is evident, such as the custom glass cases meticulously designed to showcase his prized possessions and memorabilia.

The house also includes a giant walk-in closet, offering ample space to house Mayweather’s extensive wardrobe. A private dressing area further adds to the convenience and luxury of the master suite.

The living quarters feature large jetted tubs, providing a spa-like experience for residents to unwind and relax.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Vegas Home Outdoors

To cater to his love for outdoor entertainment, Mayweather Jr.’s home has a magnificent fire pit that is surrounded by wraparound seating. It’s an ideal setting for intimate gatherings under the starry Las Vegas sky.

The expansive grounds also boast a guest house, a garage with space for Mayweather’s enviable collection of luxury cars, and beautifully landscaped gardens that provide a serene escape from the bustling city.

What community does Floyd Mayweather Jr. live in Las Vegas?

The Queensridge community.

How much did Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Las Vegas home cost?

Mayweather bought his Queensridge home for $10 million.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Las Vegas home features list

Some standout features of this property include:

  • 7 to 11 bedrooms (reports vary)
  • 9 to 14 bathrooms (reports vary)
  • 7 fireplaces
  • 2 guest houses
  • 2 detached garages
  • Vineyard
  • Wine cellar
  • Outdoor pool
  • Pool house
  • Indoor spa
  • Home gym
  • Private dressing area
  • Luxury patio with a fountain
  • Fire pit with wraparound seating
  • 4 acres of property

2. Mike Tyson – Seven Hills

Size: 10,400 square feet.

Mike Tyson’s prestigious Seven Hills community home in Las Vegas is eye-popping, to say the least. But we’d expect nothing less, given its location. After all, Seven Hills is a master-planned community dedicated to luxury homes.

The gated community, known for its sweeping views, offers Tyson a perfect setting for his now-modest lifestyle and love for privacy.

Mike Tyson’s Gorgeous Mediterranean-style Home

Tyson’s estate, nestled amidst beautifully landscaped grounds, features a sprawling 10,400-square-foot design with a Mediterranean flair.

Boasting a generous living space, the residence has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms that offer ample room for Tyson and his family. The home was designed with hospitality in mind and features a spacious gourmet kitchen, a mini bar, and a small wine cellar.

Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas Home Backyard

The backyard oasis, accentuated by a spacious swimming pool and covered patio, provides an idyllic setting for guests.

Nearby Golf Courses

In addition to its luxurious amenities, Tyson’s residence in Seven Hills also offers close proximity to world-class golf courses and other sought-after community features.

Nearby golf opportunities include:

Rio Secco Golf Club

Anthem Country Club

The Revere Golf Club

How much did Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas home cost?

Mike Tyson bought his Las Vegas home for $2.5 million.

Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas home features list

Some standout features of this property include:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 7 bathrooms
  • 2 grand master suites
  • 2 casitas
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Media room
  • Mini bar
  • Wine cellar
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Large covered patio
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • ~1-acre property

3. Steve Aoki – Las Vegas

Size: 16,000 square feet.

Steve Aoki (DJ) resides in an extraordinary home in Las Vegas that reflects his passion for entertainment.

Dubbed “Aoki’s Playhouse,” his distinctive residence is nothing short of a visual and sensory wonderland, full of creative elements that suit the energetic artist’s style.

Aoki’s Playhouse Is Very Creative

The home’s modern architecture and quirky interior embellishments make for a creative atmosphere. Its vibrant colors and unique décor certainly pay homage to Aoki’s artistic sensibilities.

Steve Aoki’s love for art is evident throughout the home, with numerous art pieces adorning the walls and spaces.

Numerous Amenities at Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas Home

The residence is also filled with remarkable features, including a state-of-the-art recording studio, a spacious open-plan living area, and a custom-designed foam pit.

The backyard of Aoki’s Playhouse has a pool, spa, covered seating area, and skateboard halfpipe, adding to the property’s dynamic appeal.

How much did Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas home cost?

Steve Aoki bought his Las Vegas home for $2.6 to $2.8 million (reports vary).

Today, it is worth approximately $8 million+, thanks to various upgrades.

Where is Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas home located?

The exact address is undisclosed, but Steve Aoki’s home is reportedly located outside the Main Strip on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Another source, however, puts his home in a very different location—MacDonald Highlands in Henderson.

Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas home features list

  • 4 to 5 bedrooms (reports vary)
  • Bathrooms (unknown)
  • Luxury kitchen
  • Luxury dining room
  • Large living room
  • Walk-in closet
  • In-house music studio
  • Gym
  • Meditation room
  • Indoor trampoline and foam pit
  • Guest room with a ping pong table
  • Various 3d art sculptures
  • 16-foot primary pool
  • Secondary pool
  • Spa
  • Skateboard halfpipe
  • Barbecue area
  • 9-acre property

Celeb Las Vegas Home Extras

Celine Dion – Lake Las Vegas

Celine Dion’s Las Vegas home, located in the upscale Lake Las Vegas community in Henderson, Nevada, offers the superstar the right combination of space, comfort, and privacy.

With a price tag of $1.2 million, her home might not be as glamorous as some of Vegas’s mega-mansions. But it still has a lot to offer, such as a gourmet kitchen, pool, and private bar.

Its location has allowed Dion to retreat from the limelight while still staying fairly close to the heart of Las Vegas.

Steve Wynn – Billionaire’s Row Summerlin

Steve Wynn, the billionaire casino magnate, once owned an immaculate mansion on Billionaire’s Row in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

He sold the property in 2022 for $17.5 million cash.

The home is 15,000 square feet and comes with 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and numerous luxury amenities.

Penn and Teller – Las Vegas

Penn and Teller, the iconic magician duo, have long called Las Vegas their home, with each residing in unique properties that reflect their distinct tastes.

Penn Jillette used to live in a strikingly unconventional residence known as “The Slammer.” Its fortress-like design perfectly embodied his offbeat sensibilities. He has since moved to a luxury home in The Ridges.

Teller, the quieter counterpart, resides in a more traditional yet equally impressive home in an upscale Las Vegas neighborhood. The location of his home is undisclosed.

Nicolas Cage – Spanish Hills

Nicolas Cage has lived in Spanish Hills in a home that he purchased for $8.5 million. The home is 14,000+ square feet and comes with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

The mansion is packed with features, including multiple fireplaces, a pool, sauna, home theater, a dozen-plus vehicle garage. The views from the home are stunning. It has since changed owners.

David Copperfield – Summerlin

David Copperfield, the world-renowned illusionist and magician, resides in a stunning Las Vegas estate in Summerlin.

The residence is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture that boasts soaring ceilings, large windows, 8 gorgeous bedrooms, and 9 luxury bathrooms.

The main residence is 18,600 square feet, while the property as a whole offers 31,000 square feet of living space. The mansion was purchased for $17.55 million.

Last of The List

Drew and Jonathan Scott – Spring Valley (since sold and moved to LA)

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular HGTV show Property Brothers, have won audiences with their home renovation expertise and charismatic personalities.

At one point, the duo lived in the picturesque Spring Valley, residing in a luxurious 5,000-square-foot home.

Set on a sprawling half-acre lot, their stunning residence boasted an array of enviable amenities, including a sparkling swimming pool, a state-of-the-art outdoor movie screen, and a basketball court perfect for friendly matches.

How much did the Scott Brothers Las Vegas home cost?

The exact purchase price of the Property Brothers’ Las Vegas home has not been publicly disclosed.

Scott Brothers Las Vegas home features list

  • Living room (entertainment palace)
  • Guest house
  • Game room
  • Collapsible doors/living room wall
  • Custom display wall
  • Custom chandelier
  • Outdoor pool with water slide
  • Pool house
  • Hot tub
  • Large outdoor balcony
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Outdoor theater
  • Putting green
  • Basketball court

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